CHI-Web: Summary: Designing for VoiceXML (and telephone interfaces in general)

It’s interesting to see folks start trying to markup data that describes the way people interact with the world, such as getting from place to place.

Here’s the SOAP spec on msdn.

Template Resolution in XML/HTML (via cam).

I have to say that tag-based programming seems awfully painful. I wonder how long we’ll be doing things this way.

This XSL XML-RPC to SOAP Translator is making me want to move to hawaii and build furniture for a living (ultimately via edd dumbill).

Scripting pointed to this SOAP—WebServices Resource Center.

This one’s for taylor: an XML-RPC capable spell-checker. Er, of course it’s still in beta.

Ooooh, taylor pointed to VizBang, which is working on a browser/editor for IAML (Information Architecture Markup Language). I slightly mistrust the VRML-ness of all this, but I am absolutely excited to see people starting to develop better tools for what I do than Visio.

On O’Reilly net, the first of a series on methods of retrieving data from backend applications.

XML Data Islands, combined with XMLHttp is just plain rad! First the bad news: IE 5 only. The exciting, thing, though is that this is a big step away from page-based web applications (which suck) towards multi-state, single-page apps. The ability to manipulate data (including communication back and forth to the server) without switching pages means we can finally start moving beyond clunky wizard interfaces. But, well, did I mention that it’s MSIE 5 only.

As much as I want an alt.browser and pine for standards with teeth, part of me definitely respects Microsoft’s strategy of making IE so incredibly much better that people are forced to develop for its extensions. Basically they see the lack of adoption of proprietary extensions like Netscape’s <layer> tag as evidence of inferior design and implementation rather than as condemnation of the strategy of extending the browser beyond accepted standards. And, wow.. look at what they’ve built.

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