This Rugby Logotype Comparison is a great “illustration” of the way Flickr facilitates an ongoing visual conversation.

Thrill! to the Shocking! Checkershadow Illusion! (via kottke)

I don’t know anything about these folks, but there’s a Stanford Visual Language Project that seems to be exploring the relationship between textual and visual communication. There’s also a mailing list.

I just noticed the online index to Understanding Comics.

FEED on the semiotics of color in pedestrian warning signs (or something like that). I love FEED mag.

Basic Color and Design SBFAQ (“Should Be FAQ”). Some absolutely useful and interesting info (i.e. way more than you need to know about color).

Applications    Art/Media    Brand/Identity    Browsers    CSS/Stylesheets/HTML    Color    Design    Documentation/Process    E-commerce    Experience Design    Graphic Design    Hardware    Human-Computer Interaction    Illustration/Icons    Info Architecture    Information Design    Interface Culture    Interface Design    JavaScript/DHTML    Kitchen Sink    Links    Maps/Mapping    Meta/Noise    Metadata/Classification    Metaphors/Analogies    Mobile and Ubicomp    Navigation/Wayfinding    Operating systems    Organizations    Programming    Psychology/Humans    Research    Search    Social computing    Sound/Audio    Standards    Typography    User-centered design    Video (and other) Games    Visual Communication    Way new interfaces    Web apps/services    XML/SOAP/etc.    worldchanging