Lots of change around here. I have a new job and Giant Ant has a new site. As part of this transition, I’ve moved my personal weblog to a new domain (/). I’ve gone and set up some mod_rewrite rules (thank you Apache!) to redirect old Antenna posts seamlessly, but I’m sure lots of stuff will fall through the cracks. Please bear with me and if you see something messed up or missing, I’d appreciate a quick email letting me know. Thanks!


Happy Arbitrary Date-Change Day!

This consultancy sounds really cool. We’re thinking of hiring them to help us out with some stuff.

Antenna turns 5 today. Go little weblog!

We’ve always known that ants are cool. (via)

As of December 1, 2004, I am the father of Elias Owen-Savio. Eli is a beautiful, amazing boy. Photos to come once Nadav sleeps. Mmmmm…. sleeeep.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley. Congratulations to all the FSMers, and well done!

ps - Here’s a nice pic of my dad back then from the Chronicle:

Since I’m going to have a son in a few months, I felt the need to stock up on sporty imagery. To that end, I just received these 3 sweet Otl Aicher posters from the ‘72 Olympics:

Well, everyone else has photos on their weblogs… sure maybe it’s a little self-indulgent, but I’ll try to keep the photos vaguely on-topic.

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