May 29, 2012:

There seems to be a zeitgeist in support of world-changing enterprises that sustain themselves by making money. I just wanted to point out that there is a huge difference between using entrepreneurial approaches to change the world and using social-benefit enterprises to make money. This is not just semantics; although it's certainly possible to do both, I believe that the underlying motivation will always impact the outcome. For example, if your goal is ultimately to make money, your target audience is likely to creep up the pyramid, no matter your good intentions. The other thing I see lurking beneath messages like this one...
Do well, but do some good
... is the idea that we can have our cake and let others eat theirs, too. This is an approach that is generally defensive of the world's current allocation of wealth. If you believe in infinite growth, then I guess that's fine. But I'm pretty sure the pie needs to get redistributed pretty radically if we really want to, for example, end poverty.