June 26, 2005: So, now that ODEO is in beta, I'm sure they'll be getting lots of nice attention. They've done a really lovely job with the interface, channeling flickr (down to the tone of voice) while bringing some graphic sexiness to the UI. And, given how frothy everyone seems to be about podcasting, I guess they'll make tons of money and be a big success and, like, you know, totally change the radio industry, or whatever.

But (you knew there was a but)... I still don't get it. I just don't see the appeal of listening to someone monologue at me through my iPod. If I wanted that, I wouldn't have earphones on in the first place. Of course, I can think of things I would like to listen to in theory, but there's just so little time in my life where I can picture sitting and paying attention to a podcast. Note to self: get a crappy job with a long commute.

Or, perhaps I'm just not getting it... anyone care to explain (um, without mentioning books on tape)?

Update: I guess I understand the theoretical coolness of time-shifting quality audio content. I think the part I don't get is the way it works currently: downloading amateur-hour to my iPod; I think it's all the explanations of podcasting as "like blogs, but, like, with audio." I will try to be patient with it. I'll give it a try on the 10-hour flight back from London.