November 1, 2003: Been using Panther for a few days now and I don't have a lot to say, which may not be so bad: it's a bundle of incremental improvements. One of which is Exposé. Now, Jason suggests an improvement to Exposé, but I have to disagree (at least in part; I definitely don't think it's perfect). I think there are actually several different types of application-switching. I love Cmd-Tab for the 900 times a day, I know where I'm going type of switching. What I'm finding Exposé extremely useful for is the now-what-was-I-just-doing type of switching. Like when you type a URL in Safari to call up the menu of your favorite lunch spot and then the phone rings and then you check email. That's the time you really want to see everything you were doing all spread out on your "desk." This of course brings to mind Apple's old piles idea, which, I imagine, is where Exposé came from in the first place.