September 6, 2002: Zeldman: 99.9% of Websites Are Obsolete. Yeah, but...

In general, I agree, but with 2 caveats:

First of all, a lot of people still use Netscape 4, including some of the people writing the checks to designers.

Second, CSS-P is a big pain in the a**. And don't send me a link to some CSS layouts page. Yes, it's fine for putting a few boxes on a page, and you can do some neat stuff with it, but anyone who's actuallly wrestled with a complex layout (say for a web application) knows that it is downright nasty getting CSS-P (which was designed specifically for layout for gosh sakes) to do what you want. I'm not denying CSS is an improvement over spacer gifs and the like, but it leaves a lot to be desired as a layout language, and requires plenty of ugly hacks of its own. There, I've said it.